Now that’s a wave!

I remember seeing this video clip some years ago, but today I ran across it again, and was as impressed by it as on the first occasion. It shows Mike Parsons ‘riding a 64-foot wave during competition at the Jaws break on the north shore of Maui‘. I understand it took place during the early 2000’s, as this footage was used in a 2003 movie.

Parsons would go on to surf a 70-foot-plus wave at Cortes Bank in 2008. I’d love to see footage of that one! Does anyone know if such a video clip exists? If so, please let us know in Comments.



  1. Two videos/documentaries on this theme I can recommend are Step Into Liquid and Riding Giants.

    While both pre-date the 2008 wave, they are extremely well filmed.

    There is apparently some question attached to the size estimate of Parson's '08 Cortes Banks wave as the measure was provided by his finacial sponsors, Billablong XXL. The official record remains Ken Bradshaw's ~80 footer from 1998.

    [All links are to Wikipedia]

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