Now that’s worthy of the name “assault rifle”!

My mind boggled when I saw this range of accessories for the AR-15 rifle.

There are thousands of AR-15 accessories on the market, but none are cooler (or more absurd) than Tracey Copeland and Andrew BeGole’s “Firearm-Mounted Rescue Tool.”

Their patent, which they received earlier this month, describes multiple accessories first responders can affix in place of an AR-15’s buttstock and buffer tube. These accessories include a fireman’s ax, a crowbar end, and other tools designed to breach doors and windows.

“We both had friends that are special forces, friends that are SWAT, friends that are firefighters, and we were just thinking: What if we could put some kind of breaching tool, some sort of halligan tool, on the back of an AR,” Copeland told “That’s just kind of the idea behind it was to see if that’s even feasible.”

There’s more at the link.

I know they used to refer to the Thompson submachinegun as a ‘chopper’, but isn’t this taking the meme a little too far?



  1. That buffer tube is fairly thin aluminum.
    One or two healthy chops and it will most likely be bent to the point of impeding the function of the AR.
    By all means carry a halligan tool with a heavy steel shank for dynamic entry.
    Or add a 12 gauge lower barrel firing breaching rounds to the AR.

  2. The threads holding the axe are aluminum and not stressed for that impact. Normally, very little stress on a buffer tube, but the addition of the axe…. great way to destroy a receiver.

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