Oh, the humanity!

A tragedy occurred last week in Kentucky.

A Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky was struck by lightning releasing 800,000 gallons of bourbon into a nearby lake. Then, the lake was hit by a ‘firenado’ setting the inflammable liquid alight.

The firenado was caused when a bolt of lighting hit the ground setting a fire which was in the path of a tornado, which sucked up the flames, creating a terrifying spiralling inferno.

. . .

Despite being the victims of a lightning strike, Jim Beam are facing damages of $70,000 for polluting the nearby creek which led to major fish kills.

There’s more at the link.

If you can bear to watch it, here’s the video of the ‘firenado’.

Bourbon lovers may be excused as they wipe the tears from their eyes . . .  On the other hand, I bet any fish pulled out of that lake after the accident were already internally marinaded!



  1. Tragedy? Oh, come on, it's not like it was single-malt Scotch. Glenfiddich would be a tragedy. 800k gallons of Jim Beam is more like a distant relative's 70-year-old husband dies. It's a shame. It really is. But let's not blow it out of proportion. 🙂

  2. The word "Inflammable" always gets me.

    Combustible burns
    Incombustible doesn't burn
    Flammable burns
    Inflammable burns

    Some days I really feel for non-native speakers.

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