1. As if often the case genius is often limited by its lack of common sense. You can see what I mean when you look at the whole picture. They forgot to put an opening (or docking bay) in the railing where the bike/elevator comes to rest when next to the tree house. Seems it would be a bit difficult and fairly dangerous to try to get from the bike to the tree house. Yes the elevator may be incredible but is less than practical without a way to get from it to the tree house safely.

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  2. It makes a lot more sense than the dirigible mooring mast at the top of the Empire State Building. And that was built by professionals…

  3. I hear people in NYC high rise buildings pissing and moaning on a regular basis about the evelators being out of service and having to hike up 10 stories.

    Here's your answer.

    Unfortunately, Ubermeister Bloomberg would probably ban them besause of all the CO2 expelled from the lungs of the people who would use the bike-a-lator.

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