OK, that’s low!

Last weekend the Waddington air show was held in the UK.  This Turkish F-16 made the lowest landing approach I’ve ever seen – certainly enough to warrant a little chat with the pilot by the airshow safety committee, IMHO!  Watch it in full-screen mode for the best effect.

How his wheels missed the boundary fence, I’m really not sure . . .



  1. I don't think that was as low as it looked. Those planes aren't exactly small: compare the size of the plane as it went overhead with the size of the plane on the runway.

  2. Pause the video with the man taking video above his head. The last frame with the plane in it shows it with fully closed nozzle (max dry power) and about 12 feet agl. He appears to have caught a gust about 3 seconds prior which squirreled an already drug in approach…way to go Alper Bahar!

  3. Been to Waddo for the airshow. Those folks hang out on the approach path just for the thrill. I have flown just as low or lower. The aficionados eat it up. Over here the "Safety for all crowd" would block all access for your own good.

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