Old NFO does it again!

My buddy in cyberspace and meatspace, Jim Curtis, has just published the third volume in his ‘Grey Man’ series.

The ‘Grey Man’ series is hard to classify.  It’s a cross between a modern Western, an adventure story, a whodunnit and a crime novel.  Jim describes the new book like this.

When Texas Deputy Sheriff John Cronin thwarts the Cartel’s plan to get paid to smuggle Muslims across the border, he becomes the target of the Cartel once again. One try fails, but the cartel isn’t about to give up. With his granddaughter, Jesse, still recovering from her last run-in with the Cartel and now far away with her Marine husband on a military base, Cronin only has to worry about the innocents around him.

One way or another, this old school law man plans to end this cat and mouse game for good. But, this time, the Cartel is playing for keeps; ending this war might just cost the old man his life.

Either way Cronin plans to go out on his feet, fighting tooth and nail.

Jim has a unique writing style and ‘voice’, very different from any other author I’ve read.  He’s a born raconteur, and that comes across very strongly in the way he writes.  Miss D. and I had the privilege (and pleasure) of being able to read a beta version of his latest book, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  We’ve already bought the final, published edition.  It’s available as an e-book or paper edition – the two listings will be combined on Amazon.com within a day or two.

Highly recommended reading.  Jim, the steak and beers are on us at Libertycon!



  1. What ? Old NFO is J L Curtis? Man, I LOVED your The Grey Man: Payback! Reviewed it on February 28!
    MAn, ANOTHER reason to be bummed I'm not going to Liberty Con…..

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