On the ground at LTUE

It’s the second day of the LTUE conference/symposium/authorklatsch/whatever.  Miss D. and I are enjoying ourselves, apart from finding the altitude a bit of a pain.  We’ve come from under a thousand feet at home to over four and a half thousand in Provo, Utah, with very, very dry mountain air thrown in.  I’m slathering moisturizing lotion on my arms and hands, and we’re both drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.  I was initially surprised that it affected us so badly, but then I realized that every other time we’ve been to Colorado or other higher states, we’ve traveled by car.  Our bodies have had more time to acclimatize on the journey there.  This time we flew, so there was no adjustment time at all.  We’re feeling it.

Old NFO, Lawdog and I found ourselves hijacked enlisted by Larry Correia to help with a seminar he was running this afternoon.  None of his fellow speakers showed up, so he yelled at us as we came in the door and beckoned us to join him at the presenters’ table.  We had fun for an hour talking about self-publishing, the state of the market and the industry, and how novices should go about entering the field.  Those in attendance (pretty much a full house) appeared to enjoy our presentation, and we had a good time together.  (All four of us go way back to Internet gun forums before the turn of the century, so it was really a gathering of old friends at the podium.  That’s always fun.)

I was surprised and extremely pleased this morning, while on walkabout around the conference venue, to find a shop that stocked British and South African foods.  A large bag of biltong, a variety of chocolates, and other goodies followed me back to the hotel.  I’ve been handing out Turkish Delight bars to my buddies – Lawdog and I grew up on the stuff in Africa.  It brought back happy memories of younger days.

Last night a bunch of friends, including ourselves, adjourned to the house of a member of our group.  He and his wife fed us royally on barbecued chicken and adobo pork.  Delicious!  Their stock of bourbon and other fine liquors took some punishment, too, as spirited conversation and loud laughter rolled around the room.  I understand we may be having a sequel this evening, which would be fun.  We’re coordinating our movements and intentions by text message, which can be tricky as conflicting messages criss-cross the ether.  I daresay we’ll catch up with each other eventually.

More later.



  1. Kind of like how we feel when we travel east or south: hot, sweaty, greasy, and no winter die-off of microbes and vegetation.

  2. You may get nosebleeds. Happened to me every night I was above 5k feet. Some people are not affected like that… But yes, slather that lotion. Also take water baths, eschew the soap (yes you can). You will be the better for it, and you will not stink.

    Hope you are still having fun…

    Old and In the Way

  3. Chris, I was in LBB doing research and overheard some ladies from Houston talking about going to Santa Fe. They were meeting a friend who was flying in from San Diego, and planned to whisk her from the airport in Santa Fe to Los Alamos (which is above 7,000' of elevation) and go hiking (!) at Bandolier National Monument. I gently suggested that they might wait a day so their friend could acclimate.


  4. Ivory bar bath soap works well for me, no matter how dry the air. No antiperspirants/deodorants, or other skin chemicals to cause problems. The original BLUE label, not the stupid green one. The green one is junk.

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