Ooh! A hissy-fit!

If you’d like to see a classic example of how not to react to online reports or comments about you or your work, click over to this morning’s Mad Genius Club article, in which fellow author Amanda Green mentioned another author’s views on whether authors should be paid royalties for the sales of used copies of their books.  That author promptly raised Cain in the comments below the article, leading to a lot of fairly succinct interaction with other authors, readers and fans.

It’s a wonderful example of what happens when you go ballistic about something that wasn’t worth it in the first place.  The second author has now probably done permanent damage to her reputation;  and since the Internet is forever, her comments are going to be left up there for all the world to find whenever they do a search on her name.  I think she may come to regret them.

I’ve been the victim of some pretty scurrilous comments on the Internet, particularly over the boycott of Tor Books for which I called last year.  I had a choice.  I could reply to the slanders, which would merely fan the flames and encourage their nonsense;  or I could make fun of some, and ignore the rest, and do something more productive.  I chose the latter course.  The idiots kept on yammering, of course, but only to each other, because no-one else was paying any attention to them.  Without new fuel to stoke up their indignation, things died down soon enough, as they usually do.

Oh, well . . . that’s entertainment!



  1. Yeah, I saw that. It reminded me of a bunch of monkeys flinging poo; everyone got dirty and no one came out looking good. I blogged about it myself a little as well.

  2. I've read a number blogs by "authors" whose posts are meandering, wordy, unclear, poorly organized, poorly written and cause confusion. The linked blog is one of those. Her original post is a mess. A good writer writes well all the time, especially in public. She can keep her originals as well as her used copies, thank you.

  3. Just a wild guess here, but is it a give-away in the first place if her first name is "Author"? What a classic twit.

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