A brand-new container ship, the CMA CGM Mumbai, delivered from the shipyard in May this year, had an embarrassing steering failure at the port of Mumbai the other day.  It left a mark.

Fortunately, the collision was at very low speed, but even so, it’ll take a while to repair the quayside and replace the ship’s stem post.  Embarrassing, that, particularly with a brand-new vessel.



  1. The report claims minor damage. Hmmm. Lot of mass to stop like that. I wonder what else besides the stem took a beating. I'd not be surprised to hear that other failures occur in the future from the forces involved.

    I'm guessing that some crew had to run the length of the ship to drop that anchor manually. Did they drop all the anchors, bow and stern?

  2. no discernable tide, no wind, what a mess if she was coming in under less optimal conditions.
    Sam L, all I can think is there wasn't room to come in properly, perhaps a tug was intending to swing the stern around.

  3. A classmate at the guided missile school in Damneck was the engineer on a supply ship that ripped apart 800 feet of pier when the bendix failed in the main steam stop and the ship lost all power to go into reverse. I thought it was funny as hell.
    The navy used to have a valve maintenance program that they thought was vital. Me? I prefer to concentrate on the essential valves. I found steam considerably more dangerous than wog valves.

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