Photographs from wars of long ago

Two articles in British newspapers have intrigued me over the past week.  Both describe photographs from wars that happened long before our time.

The Telegraph has a picture gallery of Roger Fenton‘s historic Crimean War photographs.  That war took place from 1853-1856, but the same locations are in the news today with Russia’s take-over of the Crimea.  Here are a couple of examples, reduced in size to fit this blog.

Fenton’s mobile darkroom, in which he developed his
glass plates within 10 minutes of taking a picture

The Allied fleet moored in Balaklava harbor, 1855

There are more images at the link.

The second article is in the Daily Mail, and examines the recently rediscovered World War I photographs of Walter Kleinfeldt, who fought at the Battle of the Somme (1916) when he was only 16 years old.  Here are two examples, again greatly reduced in size to fit this blog.

An observation balloon is launched

A crucifix, undamaged despite a savage bombardment,
rises above a casualty of war

There are more images at the link.

Both articles are well worth the time of history, military and photography buffs.


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