Pick a hiding place you can remember!

Courtesy of Australian reader Snoggeramus, we learn of an act of honesty that solves a two-decades-old mystery.

… when Jan Hansch, 71, sat down for a meal and unravelled a serviette in her Belgrave home she was shocked to find a Target employee’s pay packet from 1993, with the name M. D. Fife written on it, four $100 bills and two $50 notes.

The cash was in an envelope concealed inside a second-hand napkin her sister bought for $2 from the RSPCA op shop in Frankston.

. . .

Ms Hansch called her sister, Clare Fisher, 67, from Seaford, and the pair began their hunt. After trying Target, they turned to the phone book and found Margaret Dorothy Fife living in Bonbeach. Sceptical of their strange phone call at first, Mrs Fife, 74, confirmed she had worked at Chadstone and Frankston Targets two decades ago.

“I vaguely remember putting it there,” Mrs Fife said. “It would have been a quick hiding place.

“I’m so grateful for their honesty. It’s a rarity these days.”

There’s more at the link.

I’m really glad that such honesty still exists.  One doesn’t encounter it very often, more’s the pity.


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