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Watching the chaos being unleashed on this country by the Biden administration, it’s hard to keep one’s cool.  Consider:

  • Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are being not just admitted to this country willy-nilly, but actively encouraged to cross our borders.
  • The Federal Reserve is creating trillions of dollars out of thin air with no economic reality underpinning them, a sure recipe for inflation.
  • Billions upon billions of dollars, ostensibly intended for “stimulus” or “infrastructure”, are being wasted on pet projects and political cronyism.
  • Assaults on constitutional rights like the Second Amendment (despite the President’s denial) are increasing.
  • A biased justice system seems determined to punish conservatives while letting progressives get away (sometimes literally) with murder.
  • A visibly senile, incompetent President is attracting the scorn of the rest of the world, and provoking threatening actions by other powers who seem confident that the USA is no longer capable of responding effectively under his leadership.

We’re not just sliding, but accelerating down the slope to disaster, and nobody in authority seems to care.  Add to that the threats of progressive activists, and our future looks worse by the day.  When leaders like this get elected to run some of America’s largest cities, promising to overturn the old order while offering nothing worth having in the new, what else can we expect?

In that light, I found Larry Correia‘s latest quip on MeWe to be grimly relevant:

I used to think America was heading for a Bosnia style civil war. But that was me being too optimistic. Now I suspect we will wake up one day and it’ll be Rwanda.

I saw what happened in Rwanda.  God forbid I should ever see that again . . . but in a fractured, tormented nation, even in the First World, it’s not impossible.

Keep your powder dry, friends.  We may yet need it.



  1. "We're not just sliding, but accelerating down the slope to disaster, and nobody in authority seems to care."

    That's by design. The people in authority do care – they care a tremendous amount – just not in the way you'd expect. They are *driving* the acceleration. Why? They've calculated that when things get bad enough, they will be able to seize total, or near-total, control of *everything* and not only will the populace not oppose them, they'll actively be begging for it. Sure, there will be some dissent, but the people in charge have set up a lot of means for crushing it.

    They may not be smart in the sense of knowing that the aqueous solution precipitating on their heads is rain, but don't underestimate their cunning.

  2. We're not just sliding, but accelerating down the slope to disaster,

    Like the water swirls in the toilet, picking up speed, until that laaast half a turn…
    Been watching the trajectory of society for over fifty years. The Only noticeable positive,, meaningful change was under Trump.
    They couldn't have Americans starting to experience prosperity and peace. Trump Did not start a war… The only president I remember who managed That.. And we all know how difficult that was, because Everyone Knows the one thing that misogynistic xenophobic narcissistic clown Really wanted to do was hit the Big Red Button and launch those missiles…
    Don't believe me?
    Ask a lefty.

  3. The US of A is circling the drain. Anything that passes in the senate should be by a 51/50 margin. Otherwise, I'm done with all Repubulicans.

  4. Such a thing has been described by Matt Bracken as Bosnia X Rwanda I guess if it goes to this both of you are correct , God help us all.

  5. The US of

    a was OVER the day that Johnny Boy Roberts refused to allow the 'supreme' court to correct the obviously stolen election. We went back to 1775- BEFORE the Declaration of Independence, in the sense that we lost the right to choose our own leaders and representatives. We are serfs or slaves now. The illegitimate government can now do what it wants when it wants to. We are now on our own and we can only do our best to protect ourselves and our families from the evils of government. On the other hand, the more they screw up, the higher my gold and silver will go up. Everyone without PMs will be dirt poor. So we got T
    HAT going for us.

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