Remember that wrecked PBY Catalina?

In November last year I wrote about the shot-up wreck of a PBY Catalina flying-boat on the shores of Saudi Arabia, and how it got there.  I had to piece the story together from a number of different sources.

Now, in a very long and picture-heavy article, the good people at Vintage Wings of Canada have given the ‘backstory’ of the development of the ‘flying yacht’ version of the PBY, and what happened to the wrecked example in Saudi Arabia.

They’ve amassed a great deal more information than I was able to find.  It’s a great story, and highly recommended reading for aviation buffs.



  1. Quite the story, and I'm not surprised by their 'reception' in the Middle East, nor their treatment afterward…

  2. WOW!. Lovely lines, curves and grace.
    And the Ladies are'nt too bad either.

  3. Wow-Good stuff,Remind me of a 'Air Classics' or'Wings' artilcles.I looked around on Google Earth-found site at 28Deg 05' 27.33"N by 34Deg 36'.30.76"E

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