Remembering a legendary Canadian folk rock group

I wonder how many of my readers have heard of Canadian folk rock group Figgy Duff?  They were active from 1974 until the death of their founder in 1993, and their music remains popular among aficionados of the genre.  They were based in Newfoundland, so their songs are heavily flavored with sea shanties and a nautical influence.

I’ve picked three of my favorite tunes to introduce them to you.  Here’s ‘Honor, Riches’ from their album ‘After The Tempest‘.

Next, a slower, somewhat mournful instrumental piece that segues into a foot-stomping dance:  ‘Rumboldt’, from their album ‘Weather Out The Storm‘.

Finally, an early Elizabethan-type tune, ‘Tarry Trousers’, from their album ‘A Retrospective 1974-1993‘ (which is a good place to start if you’d like to get to know more of their music).

Lovely stuff.  I have all their albums, and listen to them frequently.



  1. Never heard of Figgy Duff, although I enjoy Great Big Sea, who are from the same General part of Canada. Saw them at Wolf Trap, great show.

  2. Nice music. Give Silly Wizard a listen, if you don't already– Scots band with a maritime feel to much of their music. The Fishermans Song will touch you , guaranteed.

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