Rush hour in the Beijing subway

In the light of the article below on China’s economy, perhaps it’s appropriate to show you this video clip of the morning rush hour on Beijing’s subway, line 13.

Looks like a disturbed ant farm, doesn’t it?  Did you see that poor guy trying to get off the train, only to be carried backwards and disappear inside again, borne on a tide of boarding passengers?  Sheesh!



  1. I like the part where the platform guard (in yellow shirt) is packing the space next to the door by pulling people off and putting some on-like you'd try to stuff that extra roll of socks in a over-full suitcase! Or maybe some pigs ARE more equal than others?

  2. The Chinese do NOT understand the concept of standing in line… They will push to the front anyway they can…

  3. Tokyo subway and trains are about as bad, from 7am to about 9:30am, and again after 7:30pm. With the note that after 730 pm the travelers are usually some semblance of drunk.

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