Sea lions having fun


I greatly enjoyed these two short videos of sea lions having fun in the surf off Santa Barbara Island in California last month.  They were filmed by a documentary crew from Pacific Offshore Expeditions.  The first video has a music soundtrack (which fits it very well), while the second (with more close-ups and slow-motion photography) is silent.

I can never understand those who try to deny that animals play, and have a sense of humor.  If any critter was ever enjoying itself, those sea lions were!



  1. About thirty years ago I was dropping in on a triple overhead wave on the Nprthern Oregon coast when a sealion decide to drop in on me.

  2. Animals don;'t have fun?

    These folks have never dealt with any then. Cats (well, $SISTAUR's anyway) do seem know the red dot has a source.. and go after it anyway. Dogs seem insistent about that ball/stick/frisbee. Horses play with 'toys' if they get them (giant balls). I'd be more surprised at (healthy, non-mistreated) animals NOT playing.

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