So much for “Fifty Shades”!

So-called ‘fan fiction’ or ‘fanfic’ is a big thing nowadays.  The bestselling ‘50 Shades of Grey‘ began as a fanfic ode to the ‘Twilight‘ series.  However, there’s another fanfic ode to ‘Twilight’ that’s less well known . . . but hysterically funny!  Courtesy of Lawdog and my lovely wife, here it is.  (Beverage alert – don’t be drinking anything while listening, for fear of accidents!  Also, this isn’t the most moral of fanfic pieces.  If that might bother you, don’t listen.  I don’t mind it, because it’s satirical rather than theological.)

Toooo funny!



  1. I wonder how many takes that took!
    Puts me in mind of Eye of Argon: The Party Game. Gather several people in a circle. Hand one of them a copy of "Eye of Argon". He reads from it until he starts giggling or otherwise fails to keep a straight face, then passes the sacred document to the left and the process resumes where he left off.
    Except that "Eye of Argon" is, amazingly enough, better written than that crepuscular fanfic.

  2. I believe that was NOT typed by the one (of an infinite number) monkey that would reproduce the works of Shakespeare.

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