So tactical!

Most of us involved with defensive shooting and/or the shooting sports have long been fed up with the ‘tactical’ label applied by marketing departments to almost anything even remotely related to shooting, and used by many wannabe ‘tacticool’ types to describe themselves.  (Hint:  if anyone says they’re ‘tactical’, or have been ‘tactically trained’ or ‘tactically qualified’, they’re usually full of it.  Those who’ve truly been trained that way – for example, Special Forces personnel or elite law enforcement units such as the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team – don’t talk about it.  Earlier this week, Tamara posted a wonderful example of a lying SOB trying to pass himself off as such a person.)

Be that as it may, I was greatly amused to find that someone’s written a song mocking the ‘tacticool’ brethren among us.  Here it is.



  1. I carry a folding knife, a multi-tool, and there's one of those itty bitty flashlights on my key chain. Ow! I carry openly rather than concealed. Does that make me even more tacti-cool, or less?

    In my defense, the multi-tool and the knife get almost daily use. The flashlight, I use for the tactical situation of finding the screw I lost in a dark computer case (why in the world does everything inside a computer have to have such a low albedo, anyway?).

    The sidearm, praise be, has never been used in ernest. May it ever be so.

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