Some great reading for Thanksgiving from Tom Rogneby

Tom Rogneby, who blogs as Daddybear, and who’s a meatspace and cyberspace friend to Miss D. and myself, has published his latest novel.  This one, ‘Quest to the North‘, continues and expands upon his Minivandian universe.  Two more will follow it in quick succession.

The blurb reads:

Long before the comfortable adventures of the everyday, Ruarin, the Lady of Eyre and Daddybear the Minivandian make a harrowing journey to track down the ghoulish remnants of a friend, and the captive he took.

In the frozen north, they must brave not only killing weather and hidden monsters, but the secrets of Daddybear’s past, including his true name…

You can read two snippets from the book on Tom’s blog, here and here.  At only $2.99 (or read it free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber), what’s not to like?

We’ve already ordered our copy.  Thanks, Tom!  Write faster!



  1. Definitely getting this now.

    The first one was laugh out loud hilarious, especially the part about airline travel.

  2. The Minivandians, eh? And their arch enemies the campervandians and their allies the Deliveryvandians I suppose?

    (Thinks – this must be a bit like the kids cartoon Cars … )

    Phil B

  3. First book was a hoot and a half. Liked it so much I immediately bought this one.
    Peter, you're an evil man and making serious additions to my must buy list.
    You, of course, the Gray man series, and now the Minivandians. It's getting so I have to get up early and stay up late just to have time to read all the good stuff you keep turning me on to.

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