Some more windy landings

This video was shot at Leeds Bradford Airport (the highest in England) on January 9th.  Looks like an interesting ride . . .

Leeds Bradford is known for extreme cross-wind conditions.  Here’s another video clip from 2008, showing more hairy stuff.

I think I’ll try to land somewhere else if I find myself in England again . . .



  1. Realistically, most of those are out of limits… When your nose is 30 deg off runway heading at touchdown, that ain't good…

  2. Reminds me of learning to fly at Ft Sill, Okla. where the winds were so variable that it was pretty common to start crabbing left, switch to right, then back to left again – all on final!

    The US B-52 bomber has swivel landing gear; the pilot dials in the runway heading and the landing gear rotates to match. So the airplane can land pointing toward the side of the runway and roll straight down the middle.

  3. Why would any planner , civil engineer, or landscaper design and build a major airport in any area known for such radical environmental characteristics?

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