Sometimes the jokes write themselves . . .

Fox News reports:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard troops were inspecting data and telephone links to the Fordo nuclear facility in August when they found the rock, tried to move it and saw it explode, intelligence sources told the Sunday Times, according to Al Arabiya.

The ‘rock’ was able to intercept computer data from the facility, the newspaper reported on Sunday, citing those who surveyed parts of the device after the explosion.

There’s more at the link.

Let’s see now:

  • Success for Iranian rock-et program!
  • Must have been a new type of hand granite.
  • Memo from Israeli intelligence, to Iranian intelligence:

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Nicely done, whoever did it.  I wonder how long it had been there before someone wondered where it came from?



  1. I'm wondering if this is going to lead to a scene right out of spaceballs where they comb the desert

  2. Reminiscent of the tap device the USS Halibut placed on a Soviet undersea telephone cable in the Sea of Okhotsk to monitor naval communications in Operation Ivy Bells.

  3. Your links to the reported info now come up "Access Denied" – they've apparently cut off the "evidence/information trail"…

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