1. Cool. What's the sparks / lightning / string or whatever shipping around the nozzle around 1:20 or so, and a little later when viewed straight back from the fuselage around 1:50?

  2. Those are some interesting little gyrations both in pitch and roll during the pitch up… Makes me wonder about control authority…

  3. Rolf: at a good guess, this thing's basically a glider on re-entry. Gliders tend to have a string (or several) that tell the pilot which way the airflow is going over the nose, to they can correct for being the tiniest bit askew. (Instant response, too – no instrument lag to string in the airflow.) Therefore, I'd hazard it's a string, for the same purpose.

    OldNFO – makes me wonder how much air they've actually got going over the surfaces – and when do they pass through mach 1 on the way down? The very concept of a supersonic glider stretches my brain.

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