Speed bumps – or should that be ‘humps’?

Motorists on a French highway had an interesting encounter last week.  The Local reports:

Two roaming camels disrupted the traffic on a motorway near the city of Caen in the north of France on Monday. No accidents were reported.

“Oh my god, two big camels ran right next to me,” says the anonymous driver who filmed the incident.

. . .

The two animals had escaped from a circus, the Ritz, which had set up camp in the town of Verson.

“They were sighted on [the] motorway, near Verson, roaming for about 20 minutes,” says a police officer, who did not give his name, in an interview with Côté Caen. The police reports the camels left the motorway and were safely picked up in [a] nearby village.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s a video clip taken by a French motorist as he called the police to report the animals’ presence on the road.

I wonder what local motorists thought when they saw two such exotic animals wandering around the French countryside?  I’m sure it must have been an interesting variation on the usual themes of cows, sheep and horses!



  1. Here in Plano, Texas, 11-12 years ago, a full-grown tiger crossed a major intersection at rush hour. Now THAT caused a ruckus. They never did find out where it came from.

  2. Thirty years ago hiking with my army unit in (then West) Germany I saw two camels over a hedge.

    Unit thought I had lost it – Camels in the German Woods?

    Was just that the rest of unit was not tall enough to see them, and I had to insist that they boost somebody else up enough to look at the beasts.

    Turned out to be some sort of private zoo that preferred their privacy. I was just tall enough and looking in exactly the right place to spot the beasts through their hedges.

    I know many a bet was won off members of other units by my unit's members over the "Wild Kruat Kamels" in the woods!

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