Street safety amid a looming ‘race war’

I refrained from posting on the murder in Oklahoma last week of an Australian baseball player until more facts were available.  First reports stated that the killers had acted because they were ‘bored’, but subsequent reports indicate a gang connection – possibly an initiation ritual.

Let me say at once that if the accused are guilty as charged, they’re nothing more than a waste of oxygen.  They appear to have become so steeped in evil and indifference to others that I think there’s virtually no chance they’ll ever reform.  (One of them apparently [at least initially] regarded the whole thing, even his arrest, as inconsequential – even amusing!  He’s openly admitted to ‘hating white people’.)  I hope the Oklahoma judicial system will lock them up and throw away the key . . . but I fear that may not happen.  Their youth may yet allow at least some of them to get away with minimal punishment for their crimes.

The problem is, these three offenders are not alone in this.  There are many like them, some already out on the streets after committing violent crimes, because the judicial system fails us by not keeping them locked up.  The ‘revolving doorjustice system is a problem nationwide, and internationally too.  (If you follow the links in the preceding sentence, watch your blood pressure!)  Furthermore, they’re going back to a ‘ghetto culture‘ in which a false, misleading Black history has been made up out of whole cloth.  (This has been going on for a long time:  for an early example, see the utterly ridiculous ‘Moorish myth‘ – link is to an Adobe Acrobat document in .PDF format).  Whites are blamed for everything, while (largely Black) gangsters and thugs are held up as role models to be admired and emulated.  (Just look at the whole ‘gangsta rap‘ scene to see what I mean.  From my experience as a prison chaplain, I can assure you that ‘gangsta rap’ is endemic behind bars – and the three alleged murderers are even more immersed in that culture right now, because they’re behind bars with other criminals.)

Fellow blogger DiveMedic puts it bluntly:  “many American blacks have decided to declare a race war against whites in this country“.  Based on my prison chaplaincy experience and extensive exposure to inner-city racial ghettoes, I agree with him.  He offers these suggestions for how we should conduct ourselves:

  • Don’t travel on foot in areas of town where minorities congregate.
  • Keep your head on a swivel. If it looks hinky, get out of there.
  • Staying in a crowded area may not help you, as the crowd itself may be targeting you.
  • Be armed at all times.
  • Have an escape plan.
  • Putting a video recorder in your car wouldn’t be a bad idea.

There’s more at the link.  Recommended reading.

I’ve already written about the changing urban self-defense environment.  This latest incident merely reinforces what I said there, and makes it more urgent.  If you live in, or travel through, or visit, an area in or near which such gang activities are prevalent, or that’s near a racial ghetto, be aware of the danger, and act accordingly.  Your life may quite literally depend on it.



  1. You are seeing the initial conflicts that will become common place when the US finally crashes. People keep saying diversity like it has honey dripping off of it, we missed the boat on unity a few years back and we are headed down now. They are trying to reverse things, look at TV commercials, in the last several years you can hardly see one that doesn't have a black conspicuously in with a group of white yuppies. If the black community would have the guts to clean up the culture of gangsters but the government has interfered too much with "help". To hate because of race is illogical, it is the culture that is causing it.

  2. Ok, Peter. This seems like a deeply profound 'gotcha'-esque query to me, hopefully I'm not just showing my ass.

    I know that you and I disagree on the War on Drugs. But given the reality of a universe with finite resources, would you prefer to see kids dealing marijuana locked up for 20 year stretches, or kids like these? We can't afford to put them all in jail…

  3. @perlhaqr: We don't disagree on this one. By all means lock these guys up, and hoodlums like them. The kids who are just dealing low-grade dope are a low priority by comparison.

    I still maintain that the latter need to be corrected – otherwise they'll graduate to more serious crimes – but under these circumstances, there's no question about what comes first.

  4. I don't want a race war – I'd really rather have poor minorities get with the capitalist program and get a job. It would be MUCH better for all concerned. But if a race war comes, I have to think about the sides and do a compare and contrast.
    Yeah, they got de Mac Daddy Nines, grillz, dey bust a cap in yo ass 'n LAUGH 'bout it, 'n shit. Dey got dey bro's who got dey backs. Uh-huh, THAT's da shit DEY talkin' 'bout.
    On the other side: deer hunters with scoped rifles that think nothing of a 200 yard shot. Boomershooters that go after 4" targets at a minimum of 375 yards. They have ARs and AKs, and have taken training from people like Greg Hamilton ( They also run the hospitals, in case of injury. If it DOES become an open race war, it might be pretty darn short. Middle America might be slow to get going, but once on the warpath it can get up a heck of a head of steam in a hurry.

  5. Peter, I think you – and DiveMedic – are entirely correct. I suspect we've reached the tipping point on this particular cultural fiasco, and things will get steadily worse, for a while, until the violence goes exponential.

    At which point Rolf's point above becomes germane. If one does the math on a circle of 200 yard radius, it covers almost 26 acres. How many 26 acre circles would be required to entirely cover the average city? And, at what level of violence does it become prudent to implement prophylactic measures to contain, and reduce, the threat to life and property?

    Mel Gibson in Mad Max would be a Sunday school picnic compared to what would occur at that point. I desperately hope that cooler heads and rational thought prevail before we cross the threshold.

  6. @Bob: More than once I have heard black Africans give a version of "The [Derbyshire] Talk" to their newly immigrated-to-the-US countrymen. So much for the assertions of those who argue T[D]T is about nasty racism rather than having a problem with a nihilistic culture of chest-beating and criminality.

  7. Rolf:
    I don't want a race war – I'd really rather have poor minorities get with the capitalist program and get a job.

    Naturally we don't want a race war. Sadly, others do want one very much. There is a new article up at the Southern Poverty Law Center of all places about a black nationalist named Ayo Kimathi who also works at the Department of Homeland Security where, among other things, he is responsible for the purchase of firearms and ammunition. Mr Kimathi writes on his personal website:

    “Warfare is eminent and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count.”

    I've written on my own blog about why I think the SPLC decided to write about Kimathi when they usually just ignore black-on-white hate crimes.

  8. Derbyshire was right in most of what he said. And of course was pilloried for it. After Trayvon Martin was shot, there was a lot of chatter about "The Talk" that black parents had to have with their kids, especially male kids.

    The advice that you and DiveMedic give is spot on. Black people are generally incredibly safe in white neighborhoods, but white people are not safe in black neighborhoods, especially at night.

    Of course when you have the President and Attorney General pushing this agenda, it's going to be bad.

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