Sunday ear-worm

I’m not normally a fan of Rammstein, the so-called ‘industrial metal‘ group from Germany.  Nevertheless, I came across their song ‘Ohne Dich‘ recently, and was intrigued.  It’s a love song, with much less doom, gloom and depression than many of their other pieces.  I liked it, so I thought I’d share it with my readers this morning.  (Lyrics – in the original German and translated into English – may be found here.)

Not your average Rammstein piece, that . . .

(Miss D. points out that one of the funnier aspects of YouTube is the use of Rammstein as background music to many videos.  It’s incongruous to look at a clip of aircraft, or something like that, while Rammstein sings in the background – in a famous play on words – ‘You hate me‘!  I guess people today don’t take the trouble to find out what the lyrics mean – they just listen to the sound.)


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