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Let’s have some more baroque guitar music, shall we?  Here’s Gaspar Sanz‘s Instrucción de Música sobre la Guitarra Española (“Music Instruction on the Spanish Guitar”).  Wikipedia introduces him:

Francisco Bartolomé Sanz Celma (April 4, 1640 (baptized) – 1710), better known as Gaspar Sanz, was a Spanish composer, guitarist, and priest born to a wealthy family in Calanda in the comarca of Bajo Aragón, Spain. He studied music, theology and philosophy at the University of Salamanca, where he was later appointed Professor of Music. He wrote three volumes of pedagogical works for the baroque guitar that form an important part of today’s classical guitar repertory and have informed modern scholars in the techniques of baroque guitar playing.

The Instruction is made up of the following shorter pieces, each time-stamped so you can locate it on the video if you wish.

1º Libro.

2:00   Españoleta
8:33   Canarios
18:18 Sesquiáltera II
25:46 Fuga II al aire de Giga
26:31 Zarabanda francesa III
30:43 Pasacalles por la +

2º Libro. 33:33

38:08    Rujero y Paradetas
39:20    Matachín
48:47    Canarios II y III
50:07    Villanos II
51:07    Marionas II
1:04:50 Pasacalles por la D
1:08:35 Clarines y Trompetas
1:12:29 Lantururú, La esfacheta de Nápoles, La miñona de Cataluña, La minina de Portugal
1:14:19 Dos Trompetas de la reina de Suecia?

3º Libro (Incompleto). 1:15:20

Pasacalles por la C

1:17:45 Diferencias sobre los Antecedentes Pasacalles?

The soloist in this recording is Maestro Ernesto Bitetti, one of the best-known and most respected classical guitarists in the world.  If you’re interested, Guitar International put up a lengthy and very interesting interview with him, outlining more of his background.  Recommended reading.

Lovely music, very suitable for a day of rest.


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  1. Amazing talent
    Did not know of this fellow — I knew Christopher Parkening who is amazing as well.

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