Sunday morning music

Alessandro Scarlatti was one of the major Italian baroque composers, with a prodigious output, particularly early operas.  However, his instrumental pieces are nothing to sneeze at.  I’ve picked two of his shorter works this morning;  you’ll find many more on YouTube if you like them.

First, here’s his Sonata for Flute, Strings and B.C. No.22 and No.23.

Next, here’s a live performance of his Concerto Grosso No. 3, played by the La Spagna baroque orchestra.  You’ll note how much smaller a baroque orchestra is compared to a modern one, and how many instruments didn’t exist in those musical times.

I hope you enjoyed the change of pace.



  1. Thanks for posting those. I've long had a soft spot for music from the Baroque period and earlier as well. A major loss was the death in 1976 of David Munrow. Munrow was a historian who also played early music from the medieval to the Baroque periods on the instruments of the time. Very interesting stuff.

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