Sunday morning music


As a youngster growing up in South Africa, I was introduced to the Johnny Mann Singers, an American vocal ensemble that I came to greatly enjoy, particularly their folk song renditions.  I’ve looked for digital versions of their music for some time without success, particularly their three albums of “Golden Folk Song Hits”, which were particular favorites of mine.  (If any reader knows whether or where they can be found, please tell us in Comments.)

At any rate, I skimmed through YouTube the other day, looking for any examples of their folk songs.  I found just four, and thought I’d share them with you.  Those who remember the ensemble will doubtless smile at the memories, while those of a later generation may enjoy something new.

Without further ado – music!

I wish I’d been able to find more. Perhaps, one day . . .



  1. I don't say much and I like most of your choices, mostly, but these I'm afraid didn't make it to the UK, (or even Ireland), though they had plenty of fellow travellers, the others who were like them were what kept me away from the folk music scene, apart from Traditional Irish, until the 80's. I kinda think of the Black and White Minstrels when I hear them but everyone's choice is personal.

  2. Peter,
    While I can't help about the Johnny Mann Singers, I could suggest the Statler Brothers. They did some of the same songs in a similar manner. They also have a really good version of The Wreck of the Old 97. They started as a Barbershop Quartet, and cut quite a few albums. They are a stand-by for me. Good luck in your search.

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