Sunday morning music

Guitar and rock aficionados will instantly recognize the name of Yngwie Malmsteen.  He’s been active for over 40 years, and, a decade ago, was rated 7th out of 10 of the greatest electric guitar players of all time.  He has an almost cult-like fan following.

Although he’s generally considered to fall into the heavy metal genre, his playing style has been described as neoclassical.  He’s always been open about the influence of classical music and musicians on his playing style.  I thought rock and classical music buffs alike might like to hear him talk about that, and offer examples.  I close with a piece called “Toccata”, where he performs with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.


Definitely not your average heavy metal guitar player . . .



  1. Have a listen to DragonForce – Through the Fire and Flames. I've seen them perform it live and they don't play it any slower 🙂

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