Sunday morning music


Time for some musical laughter.  How many of you know of the educational franchise “Horrible Histories“?  It’s designed to teach history in a fun, enjoyable way;  and one of the techniques it uses is to write songs about the era under discussion.  They’re usually off-beat, funny, and sometimes in-your-face politically incorrect.

Here’s a brief selection from their extensive repertoire.  Let’s begin with the Vikings in a two-fer.  First, the “savage” version.

Then there are the more politically correct, Simon-and-Garfunkel-style Vikings (no, really!).

Having got that ghastly vision out of our minds, how about King Henry VII of England?

And to conclude our historical survey, here’s Blackbeard the pirate, in a rendition that might have pleased Gilbert and Sullivan.

There are plenty more songs from Horrible Histories on their YouTube channel.  Enjoy!


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