Superb truck driving skills

Watch this logging truck reverse direction on a narrow mountain road.  It looks as if the trailer’s front wheels have been modified to permit such extreme changes of direction, but even so, those are some outstanding driving skills.

Glad I wasn’t coming the other way at the time, though . . .



  1. Trailer is a pretty standard setup . 5th wheel with a single axle dolly that connects to the truck with a pintle hitch . Its just that most times they get in that exact position the driver is new and doesn't intend for them to LOL.

  2. I do not see any particular superior skill. It is simply being familiar with the equipment. This concept extends to firearms, knives, aircraft, even when entering a conversation with others who may also be adept in the subject.

    Per the old saying of using superior knowledge to avoid situations which require superior skill, this driver completed the maneuver with a confidence born of knowledge (which comes of experience). Nonetheless, it was fun to watch.

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