That figures

From the Pew Research Center:

20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in U.S.


And if you compare those 20 metropolitan areas to the list of so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ in the USA, where illegal aliens are sheltered by city authorities against deportation . . . what do you think you’ll find?

Uh-huh.  Again.

Congratulations, Pew Research Center.  I think you’ve just identified 20 target-rich environments for President Trump.  Pass the popcorn, somebody, please . . .



  1. I live in the Dallas area and am eagerly awaiting when the God emperor's Grand Inquisitor starts making sweeps in this area…. and Houston also.

    Stocking up on popcorn, but no more Bud Light or Coke, they are fully converged.

  2. How about we start calling them what they are.. Illegal aliens. Get them out of the country and those politicians with them. Federal law TRUMPS state law.

  3. And 'interestingly' enough that very same map overlaps quite well with both high crime rates/areas as well as 'blue' voting centers. Hmm, quite a 'coincidence'.

  4. Well, looking on the bright side, while in California illegals are around 5% of the population, even if they all voted it wouldn't make much difference in the outcome. In statewide races, anyway. Locally and for legislators, it's been a factor for years.

  5. If you go by percentages of population, I think you'd find that Northwest Indiana is high on the list. Northern Lake County and northern Porter County….(And, oddly enough, those areas voted Blue in the last two elections……)

  6. Well, I'm in one of those places listed- close enough, anyways. I am fortunate to have some insight on illegals- my wife was an illegal when we met (and oh, isn't she getting some sh*t for voting for Trump).

    As my wife repeatedly points out, there isn't a single job taken by an illegal, not one dollar earned, that didn't come from some scumbag citizen who cheated on his taxes by hiring an illegal instead of a citizen.
    You don't blame the bears for hanging out at the dump. You cap the damn dump.
    I will believe that we're taking illegal immigration seriously when we actually start to fix the problem. Stemming the tide makes sense, but addressing the root cause makes more.
    If we want to see the root cause, we need a mirror to do so.

  7. Oh, and I'm with Bob M, too. I drank my last bud light last time I was home. I don't need some Belgians and Brazilians importing their and failing-state ideas on me.

  8. Only one million illegals in Los Angeles area?

    Uh huh. Pull the other one. It's got bells on it!

    I lived in that festering shithole for over three years. I've spoken with some of the FBI folks in the area. There are no less than three million illegals living in LA county, with the count probably being closer to five million.

  9. A friend who retired from the Benefits Assistance Agency (which is no longer called that because no one wanted to say they worked for the B S Agency) was not allowed, nor was any Eligibility Worker, to EVER ask the citizenship / immigration status of an applicant. This has been the standard since before 2008 (friend's hire date).

    (Santa Clara County, CA)

  10. So, they're implying that the big numbers of illegals are wandering around in the hinterlands? Who the heck came up with these city quantities, anyway? I'm pretty sure those numbers are bogus, judging by what I see in the San Jose-Sf Bay Area.

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