That must be one heck of a waistband!

I dropped in at the local gun show this morning to look for some ammunition and a low-cost fabric holster.  I wanted the latter to carry a revolver with an 8-3/8″ barrel at the range;  nothing fancy or hard-wearing, just a cheap holster into which to drop my handgun while changing targets or doing other stuff.  (Sometimes I shoot at ranges where I don’t feel comfortable leaving my guns on a table when I’m not on the spot to supervise them.)

I found what I was looking for – with an unexpected twist.  Inserted into the belt loop on one side was an inside-the-waistband (IWB) steel clip, to allow the holster to be worn inside the pants as well as down the leg on the outside.  Dumbfounded, I looked at this lo-oooo-ong holster (it’s for an 8-3/8″ barrel, after all!) and asked the vendor why on earth anyone would want to carry a cannon like that inside their waistband – assuming it was even possible, because there’s no way you’d be able to sit down or bend at the waist while carrying it like that.

He shrugged his shoulders.  “Maybe if you’re really, really happy to see someone?”

We both burst out laughing.  He was still chuckling when I moved off down the row of tables, carrying my new holster.

(And yes, the first thing I did after getting home with it was to take out and throw away the IWB clip!)



  1. My Uncle uses an arm sling (the type you use to support your broken arm) to hold his iron sighted T/C Contender when setting up his targets. He just clips the top of it closed with a clothes pin – its pretty secure.

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