That was a hell of a landing!

Some amazing video footage has emerged of a very hard landing by an All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 in Japan yesterday.  It bounced so hard that it wrinkled the fuselage, as close-up shots reveal.

I don’t know what it felt like to be a passenger on that flight, but I bet the bang when it touched down was enough to loosen more than just the airframe!  I suspect repairs are going to take a long time, too.  They may have to remove the skin and straighten the entire front fuselage, which will take months and cost millions!  It may even be cheaper to scrap the aircraft.



  1. Is there any indication of a weather related micro burst down draft being a contributing cause? If so, then Pilot Banzai did a good job after the lift all went away.

  2. Looks like a trashed airframe to me… If I was a pilot, _I_ would'nt fly it w/ passengers! JohninMd(help!)

  3. The "landing" looked like what's called porpoising. The pilot landed first on the mains, the plane bounced, and came down on the nose gear, bounced and came down on the mains again. I suspect most of the damage happened when the nose gear struck.

    That plane isn't flying anywhere until it's repaired…that's a major structural damage. And as several have said, I bet it will be "totaled" by insurance, parted out and sold for scrap.

  4. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until Captain Kangaroo bounces us to the gate. When opening the overhead compartments, please be careful as the contents have sure as hell shifted after THAT landing!"

    (Passenger to cabin attendant:) "Did we land, or were we shot down?"

  5. I'm with Don – that's a helluva testimony to how well that plane is designed that it didn't just break. I have to wonder if the modern graphite wonders (787) would roll away from that.

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