That’s not a fish

According to the Telegraph:

Lance Burgos was enjoying a camping trip in Lake Fausse Pointe State Park with his two girls when he thought he had snared a catfish in one of the waterways with his “noodle” – the submerged device widely used in southern US for catching the creatures.

It wasn’t a catfish.

So tell me, who was fishing for whom there?  I know that area.  It’s home to some of the largest alligators in Louisiana, if not the USA as a whole, rivaling those found in the Florida Everglades.  Not a place I’d want to go kayak-fishing with my two young children – and certainly not without a suitable firearm!



  1. In 2014 a family in Alabama caught what I believe is the modern day record gator.
    The beast was fifteen feet long, weighted 1,011 pounds, and when taken to a taxidermist and opened up found to have swallowed a 115 pound doe whole.

  2. It's a good thing he wasn't doing the Okie kind of "noodling" for catfish – where you stick your arm in the water (usually into a hole in the bank) and wait for something to bite.

    (Even some of the native-born Oklahomans I know think doing that is crazy nuts, and it is – often cottonmouths live in those holes)

  3. I had one of those kayaks when I was living in Hawaii a couple years ago. The Hobie Pro Angler is awesome, you can pedal it with your legs a lot faster than almost anybody can paddle a normal kayak.

    Caught several fish from it, but one day what I thought was a tuna turned out to be a reef shark. You'd be surprised how fast you can reach your knife and cut your 40 pound line, when properly incentivized.


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