The art and science of . . . burgers?


My wife sent me the link to this video clip, illustrating how regional variations on that staple of American cuisine, the hamburger, can add zest and flavor to it.  I had no idea there were so many variations on the theme.

That YouTube channel has a whole series of videos on regional burger variations, showing you how to cook them all.  I’m going to have to try some of them – if my cardiologist will let me!



  1. First We Feast is a fun channel.

    My favorite show on it, though, is 'Hot Ones', a one on one interview conducted over chicken wings of increasing heat, from mild up to 'SWEET JESUS WHY'. Very lighthearted and easy going.

  2. Germans call raw ground beef "steak tartare", but you better make sure the steer was healthy if you eat the meat raw.

    Got to eat a steamed cheese burger when I lived in CT. Interesting but not enough to travel to get.

    That onion burger sounds worth trying, but I no longer own a meat slicer.

  3. The nice thing about cardiologists is that they'll let you cook anything you want. Admittedly, taking it further than that can sometimes pose a problem.

  4. Fish oil. Big capsule. Daily.
    Vitamin D-3. About 2000 units/day.
    A good night's rest.
    A cardiologist who will work with your meds to get good bp control.
    Get weight under control.
    Now if it were just easy….

  5. Burgers are a way of life in some parts of the country. I'm liking the style we get here, and you can make them as insane as you want at most places.

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