“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men . . .

“. . . gang aft agley,” as Robert Burns said.  Here’s one that definitely ‘went agley’.  The commentary says it all.  (Turn up the volume – it’s not very loud.)

Oops . . .



  1. We moved into a house with a 4' chain-link fence. Our Labrador Retriever cleared it with ease. We ended up having to extend it to 8', at which point he was actually climbing it, so we then had to add another extension that kinda leaned inwards. At which point – you guessed it! – he started digging under it…

  2. I'm afraid that if I had a dog that was a fence jumper it would either end up in a dog run/kennel or have a ball and chain attached to it's collar just heavy enough it couldn't jump. Yeah, I know, I'm not nice.

  3. Dirk.

    Electric fence, (like used for cattle). It will only take once for the dog to learn that the fence is off limits.

  4. Back when invisible fencing was the rage I was doing a boundary survey near home. One poor guy installed it and when my son and I were surveying along the road, the dog approached us, then ran back towards the house. He stopped, whined and whimpered, then suddenly dashed for the flagged line and ran through ti, all the while his collar alarm was screaming. My son almost collapsed laughing. being the nice guy I am, I told him that since he found it so funny he had to knock on the poor owner's door and inform him of the jail break.

    Where I live now, the neighbor behind me has invisible fencing that has done well. The dog is a Black Lab, a breed that is more interested in pleasing the master. The other dog wasn't much more than an overgrown puppy and simply had too much energy to expend.

  5. I started to giggle when 'Stella' jumped the fence…I lost it when the owner went "…damn it-" It was perfect!

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