The European “refugee” crisis: an eye-witness perspective

Survival Blog has published a letter from a US visitor to Europe who ran head-on into the wave of refugees coming out of Eastern Europe, desperate to make a better life for themselves in the West (or have one made for them, courtesy of Europe’s ‘welfare state’ mentality).  Here’s an excerpt.

Before we left in early September, the American news was full of the Syrians leaving. Let me tell you, our media is lying on this one. Of the hundreds of thousands already in Europe, there are (yes) Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, North Africans, and Kurds and more. Also our news, BBC, SkyNews etc., always seem to show kids, families, old and handicapped, etc. But the vast majority of people we encountered were men. Young men. Mostly ages 15 to 30. A few families, but near 90% were young, single men. Always in clusters, keeping among themselves. Yet at the borders that were closed, they were all but quiet. Rock and bottles thrown, yelling “Allah Akbar!” Clashing with police and being tear-gassed. Both television reports and newspapers quote them as only wanting a better life, not wanting to be a burden or unlawful. Willing to go anywhere. After a week some news reports stated that the immigrants who made it to Finland were bored! No bars, no cars, cold, and nothing to do–so they left! Early on, entitlement was already rearing its head!

There’s much more at the link.  I highly recommend clicking over there to read it all.  It’s an almost perfect reflection of what we’ve got coming over our southern border right now, with the sole exception that (so far, at any rate) we don’t have a majority of Muslim illegal aliens.  Whether or not that will change is anyone’s guess.



  1. Peter,
    I just got back from a UK trip and the reality of the situation is just starting to sink in with people like my relatives. Heretofore the abstract notion of assisting the displaced has always been sacrosanct with them and those of us warning against it were vociferously opposed. Now they're starting to revise their positions. I hope it's not too late. We would do well to observe and learn.

  2. My co worker spent 3 weeks in Poland recently. He said it was amazing to him that so much fuss was being made. His comment went like this: There are 550 million people in the EU, and they don't know what to do with 50,000 immigrants. Here, we have 300 million people and 10-20 million immigrants. What is their problem?

    Scope and scale are important.

  3. STxAR – it's a bit more exciting, I expect, when they're all camped outside your doorstep instead of coming in in a straggling stream.

  4. There are 550 million people in the EU, and they don't know what to do with 50,000 immigrants.

    50.000???? Where does that number come from?

    The current rate of people coming into Sweden (just Sweden, not the rest of Europe) is 1500 per day! That does not count those that choose not to register as refugees in Sweden, prefering to go to another country. So, those 50.000 is just a month worth of new arrivals in Sweden, a country with 10 million people.
    With that rate, there will be over 0.5 million new arrivals in a year. (that would mean 15 million in the US). Note that this is ONLY new arrivals, not any of those that were already in Sweden. And it also does not count the relatives that follow once the refugees settle. (The figures i've seen is that relatives historically have been 100-200% of the refugees that enter as refugees)

    The rate of arrivals are increasing every time a new figure is released, and show no sign of decreasing. If anything it's increasing every day.
    So it's not at all impossible with this development that there will be 5 million new immigrants in Sweden by the next election in 3 years time. That means a population increase of 50% in one election cycle, all made up of new immigrants.

    That would be equal to 150 million immigrants entering the US in one election cycle.

    Scope and scale is indeed important, but you need correct facts and figures to get the numbers right.

  5. I understand Americans' concern over Hispanic (illegal) immigration to the U.S. and do not wish to belittle it.

    But here in Europe, the millions of Muslims streaming in are a whole 'nother ballgame. Much, much worse. The betrayal of the people by their leaders is simply staggering.

  6. Anonymous, just to clarify. Americans do not care about the race of illegals. Americans are concerned about illegality, security, sense of entitlement, coming for free stuff, unwillingness to assimilate, ect. Sound familiar.

    Many of America's leaders are not learning from Europe's crisis. Obama plans to bring 200,000 "refugees". That's at last count.. I'm not sure of the time period, because he keeps time, and the numbers. He is sticking to his promise to "fundamentally change America".

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