“The Greatest Fight Scene in the History of Cinema”

That’s what one enthusiastic poster at YouTube called this Bollywood fight scene, from the movie ‘Singham Returns‘.  Personally, I think he was rather over-enthusiastic . . . but judge for yourselves.

Once again, the laws of physics (and basic combat strategy and tactics) don’t seem to apply in Bollywood.  Oh, well . . .



  1. That was entertaining, about as good as the scene in The Transporter with Jason Statham. I think Bruce Lee did better mass fight scenes myself.

    The best fight scene I've seen in recent years is the one at the end of Red Belt with Chiwetel Ejiofor. Overall I didn't think the movie was great, but I really liked the choreography of the fight scenes. Final fight starts about 1:49


  2. I still say the best fight scene in cinema history is Roddy Piper V Keith David in they live. Brutal, Realistic, and exhausting to watch

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