The joys of simple foods

Lawdog and his lady came over for supper tonight.  I was feeling in the mood for something vaguely Teutonic, so I nipped over to a local specialist butchery (expensive, but by far the best meat in town) and asked whether they had German savory sausage.  Mirabile dictu, not only did they stock it, they were right then and there stuffing casings with it in the back of the store.  A short wait, and eight great big fat sausages emerged (each weighing on average a third of a pound – they were huge!).  They followed me home, along with German-style Spätzle egg noodles, four cheese pasta sauce and beefsteak tomatoes, all courtesy of Aldi.

This evening I fried the sausages in a little beef lard, adding a chopped onion for the last few minutes of cooking.  The spätzle noodles simmered until they were al dente chewy, whereupon I drained them, returned them to the pot and added the four cheese sauce.  Sliced beefsteak tomatoes waited on the counter, and a jar of Polish sauerkraut sat on the table.  Suffice it to say, we stuffed ourselves.  The combination of flavors and textures was absolutely delicious.  (The bottle of Beachaven Chardonnay that accompanied the meal added considerably to the feast.)

We’re all thoroughly enjoying these get-togethers every few days.  It’s one of the nicest parts of Miss D.‘s and my move to Texas.



  1. Hey Peter;

    Now you have to go make me hungry. I havn't had good honest German food since I left Germany in 1991 after being there for 5 years sampling the beer and food.

  2. WE had sausage stuffed with Guyure cheese last night. It's SO good, I'm glad you are among friends in a safe, warm place.

  3. Now I'm hungry… dang that sounds good! What kind of sausages? Oh, and what kind of onions, if you dont mind my asking? I'm wondering if I might be able to reproduce this recipe myself…maybe it's the hunger talking. Lol. God bless! 😀

  4. A few thoughts:

    I'm with Mr Mueller… where's the pics?

    I so wish I could make some good German sausage… why did my grandparents have to give that up? Why couldn't they have passed that down to me! Why!!!!!

    At least I'm discovering how easy it is to make sauerkraut again!

    Wow… that meal sounds amazing… but you need to try making your own spatzle some time! Boil that stuff up and coat it with some nice butter… wow!

  5. I'm from Germany and from Spaetzle Country specifically. I like my Spaetzle with an nice brown thick sauce with mushrooms and onions, that alone would be enough.
    But because I'm a meat-eater/-lover I would normally love a nice pork-chop, or Pork-roast..

    What Type of German-Sausages did you eat here?

  6. Here are some tasty pictures of the the items described (as I remember them from my youth.)

    A good example of Kaese Spaetzle:

    Bratwurst frying (as opposed to Weisswurst, which is whiter and a bit bland):

    My favorite German Sausage – smoked beef+pork, Mettwurst (sorry Yankee fans)

    Good Mettwurst can be quite difficult to procure. And vendors of bratwurst often try to switch it out with Weisswurst, a white finely ground, less-robust sausage.

    I'm partial to Spaetzle with a mushroom gravy accompanied by Rouladen, myself. I can choke down the cheese variety just fine, though. 😉

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