The Matrix meets music???

In a comment to yesterday’s video clip ‘The Matrix meets ping-pong???‘, reader John Stricker provided a link to a YouTube video featuring Mnozil Brass, an Austrian septet.  They offer some Matrix-type special effects that had me laughing out loud.  I thought you might enjoy it too.

Thanks, John!  Great stuff!

I’d never heard of Mnozil Brass, but YouTube has a lot of their material.  Here, for example, is their ‘revised’ (HEAVILY revised!) version of Rossini‘s William Tell Overture.

I guess I’ve got plenty of amusing listening ahead . . .



  1. As an Austrian and fan of your blog I like to say Thank You!
    If I may,saw this man and he blew me away.
    Czardas – tuba solo full version (baadsvik)

    Franz Steiner

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