The Shadow no longer knows . . . he’s become politically correct!

Courtesy of a link at John C. Wright’s place, we find this absolutely magnificent – albeit magnificently profane – rant concerning how political correctness has invaded even The Shadow.  Mr. Wright writes:

Dynamite Comics just put out a new version of The Shadow. The Shadow is and has been my most deeply beloved character of my imaginative life.

They turned him into an SJW who lectures villains on their white privilege.

I am not making this up.

While in the middle of gunning down two Virginia Tech style mass murderers, The SJW Shadow tells them that they were born atop a pedistal of privilege, and their loss of power when the minorities lives improve erodes their “empire”, which is what drives them to their crimes.

. . .

… in a comic, the Leftist can reverse the polarity of reality, and have the most proto-Objectivist hardcore vigilante in comicbookdom turn into a morally ambiguous Antifas lefteroon.

The comic also pauses to have the viewpoint character, a Hispanic woman, say that there are no heroes in life, merely violent men. Heroes are merely gangsters in white hats.

Interesting message to put in a story about the most iconic vigilante of all time, the human version of an archangel of merciless wrath-of-heavenly vengeance.

. . .

If Walter Gibson returns from the grave as a ghost in a black hat and cloak, half unseen, heard only as a whisper or a mocking laughter,  armed with .45 automatics, to carry out a divine vengeance against these greasy leftwing harpies, who despoil every feast they cannot eat, it would be only justice.

There’s more at the link.

Mr. Wright also embeds the video below, along with a warning that it’s not safe for civilized consumption due to language and other issues.  I agree . . . but it’s such a magnificent rant about how the PC (politically correct) and SJW (social justice warrior) brigades have ruined comic books, that I simply can’t resist posting it.  Watch at your own risk!

Suffice it to say that if the older generation of comic fans – those who took the genre to the heights, back in the ’60’s, ’70’s and ’80’s – had had to endure this sort of crap, the genre would never have taken off as it did.  Instead, it would have been (more or less mercifully) euthanized.



  1. I just recently finished listening to the last of The Shadow radio shows on the internet archive's old time radio section and enjoyed them thoroughly. Is there anything the disgusting twisted evil sjw scum won't defecate all over or tear down? They're like a blue haired pierced Taliban destroying statues and enforcing their perverted ideology on society. They seem to revel in destroying anything beautiful and perverting truth.

  2. Hey Peter;

    The bad thing about SJW's is that they can't leave well enough alone. I remember a tenet of communism was to strip all the traditions that a country has, ridicule them and replace them with the acceptable traditions that enforce the positive aspects of the communist movement.

  3. The market will prevail. No one is going to buy this crap, not even the SJWs. After all, The Shadow is still a white cisgendered male, so still the enemy.

    In 5 years it won't even be a trivia question.

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