The trials and tribulations of butthurt SJW’s

I have to admit to a great deal of amusement at the to’ing and fro’ing over a new book by Theodore Beale, a.k.a. Vox Day, a.k.a. the Supreme Dark Lord.

It’s a very interesting exposé of how the loony left deploys Alinsky-like tactics to denigrate and destroy all those who oppose them.  I’m here to tell you, based on my experience he’s absolutely right.  I think the top-rated review of his book says it all.

One need only read the multiple one star reviews of this book to verify its accuracy. They so perfectly typify the behavior that Day calls out that one might suspect him of planting them himself.

Vox Day lays out in clear, easy to understand terms the strategy of bully groups, how to identify their behavior, what to do and more importantly what not to do.

. . .

I realize that … the SJW mentality can’t escape the herd-think and that one is either blindly obedient to their will or an enemy to whom no mercy or compassion can ever be extended.

There’s more at the link.  Recommended reading.

Inevitably, the publication of this book immediately before the 2015 Hugo Awards brouhaha enraged and infuriated SJW’s.  Their immediate response (apart from leaving lots of one-star reviews of the book, many stating emphatically that they hadn’t read it, which led to Amazon taking down the fraudulent reviews . . . will these idiots never learn?) was to try to defuse the book.  It’s backfiring on them in many ways.

For a start, an author using an obvious pseudonym wrote the parody ‘John Scalzi Is Not A Very Popular Author And I Myself Am Quite Popular: How SJWs Always Lie About Our Comparative Popularity Levels‘ (what a title!)  John Scalzi himself (firmly in the SJW camp) then offered to read an audio version of the book if his fans would raise money for a charity he supports.  (He’s since followed through on his offer.)  Not to be outdone, another SJW wrote ‘The Angel Vox Day and the War for the Heavenly Gamergate Puppies (Give Me a Hugo!)’, which is being published in serialized chapters.  I’m not going to put up its cover, because it shows nudity (albeit in an artistic form) and I try to keep this blog family-friendly.  The first chapter is titled ‘The Wicked Victory of Shoeless John! (The Chronicles of … Angel Vox Day and His Flaming Sword!!!!!!)‘  I think that’s supposed to be funny, but I don’t see the humor in it.  Still, to each his own, I guess.

To add to the fuss, one of Vox Day’s fans has now written his or her own parody:  ‘John Scalzi Is A Rapist: Why SJWs Always Lie In Bed Waiting For His Gentle Touch; A Pretty, Pretty Girl Dreams of Her Beloved One While Pondering Gender Identity, Social Justice, and Body Dysmorphia‘.  (If the titles of these things get any longer, it’ll take multiple breaths to read the damn things!)  Ditto on the (lack of) humor involved.

Of course, these rip-offs are being specifically labeled as parodies, so as to avoid any libel or slander lawsuits;  but they still appear to be riling up John Scalzi, who’s tweeting his unhappiness: ‘Question for the legal scholars among you: Is this title parody? Or libel?

I’m not very happy with this sort of parody on either side.  I see no reason to deliberately try to denigrate, hurt or run down anyone by name, even though one might disagree more or less vehemently with their point of view.  I think it’s a sad reflection on our modern society that it’s become so prevalent.  Nevertheless, I can’t help but reflect that the vast majority of the name-calling does appear to come from the SJW side of the fence.  A simple tally of insults will demonstrate that beyond reasonable doubt, and the display of their contempt at last weekend’s Hugo Awards ceremony puts it beyond any doubt, as far as I’m concerned.

Be that as it may, the fuss being stirred up by all of these books is certainly making their authors laugh all the way to the bank.  This morning’s Amazon rankings demonstrate that very clearly.

I doubt very much whether Vox Day thought his little volume would hit #1 in a serious category like Political Philosophy – or that two parody volumes inspired by it would hit #2 and #3!  It’s also at #552 in the entire Kindle Store at the time of writing, so it’s currently selling like hot cakes.  I’m sure he’s enjoying it all immensely.

I do recommend ‘SJW’s Always Lie‘.  It’s a thorough and, I believe, a very factual analysis of the tactics used by moonbats, progressives and extreme liberals to try to destroy anyone who stands in their way.  It’s worth knowing what to expect and how to counter it.  As for the parody volumes . . . I’ll pass.



  1. They remind me of some of the broadsheet and pamphlet titles in early reformation England. "The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women." Or "Answer to Luther’s “Abomination” Against the Holy Secret Prayer of the Mass, Also How, Where, and With Which Words Luther Urged, Wrote, and promoted Rebellion in his book."

  2. And Scalzi agitated to get the rainbow cover one pulled from Amazon. I fear we haven't seen the end of the 2015 Hugos beclownings…

  3. Found an interesting article about this.

    The point is, the low integrative complexity does not only concern SJW's.

    It concerns anti-gun-fanatics, rabid gun nuts (I mean these people who see a Ma Deuce at birth as human right, not people who simply want the right to have and carry guns), bible thumper's or whatever.
    As soon as you get hardened viewpoints the low IC plays a role.

  4. And now the true silliness come out. On Vox's website they are discussing the possibility of nominating "John Scalzi is a Rapist" for a Hugo in the related works category.

  5. Well, looks like Scalzi managed to badger Amazon into pulling the parody aimed at him (at least for the moment). The butthurt is strong in this one.

    Vox, of course, is finding the whole thing hilarious: "Scalzi 451."

    I expect the silliness is just getting started. At least Mary Robinette Kowal is doubtless relieved that she won't turn out to be the biggest SJW asshat on the Internets this week . . .

    –Wes S.

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