The usual idiots are trying to use the Orlando attack for politically correct purposes . . .

. . . and they cannot be allowed to succeed.  Ignore all the idiots calling for gun control, all those waffling about “hate crimes”, all those wringing their metaphorical and politically correct hands about “not bringing religion into this”.

This video says it all.

I can only refer my readers, once again, to my earlier post about the Orlando attack. Our security is in our own hands. It’s our responsibility, no-one else’s.  We certainly can’t entrust it to the authorities.  If you think they’re able to protect us . . . ask the hundred-plus dead and wounded in Orlando how that worked out for them.

I’m not surprised that Orlando happened.  I’m angry, because our present system of government and the present dominance of political correctness in our society made it inevitable.  What’s more, it’s going to happen again, unless and until that dominance is removed.  More gun control and more restrictions on our freedom will only make it more inevitable.

Welcome to the real world.



  1. Talking head Maria should be put on suspension, pending some serious re-education. "Marine Corpse University"? Good heavens, how can a person get a job it that "industry" without knowing the "Corps" is pronounced "Kor"?

    Even this old "zoomie" knows that much.


  2. So now the Administration and leftists will get serious about Islamic terrorism. They may even be able to actually name the enemy now. Use the words. Admit who is the problem.

    Because, you see, our gays have been attacked. A for-real red line has been crossed, only the red has been blood.

    The same FBI doing all the frantic investigating today, is the FBI forbidden to teach or classify or profile using the words "Islam" or "Islamic terrorist". No kidding, word came down years back to curtail the very understanding and investigating which might have stopped such a crime.

    So the "known wolf" is not stopped and murder is done. Which leads to calls to disarm the rest of us, who resist even more losing our rights to the Gov.

    1. Whachoo been smokin', Bart, and why ain't you sharin'? This president (using the term loosely, I know) can't get the words 'Islamic' and 'terror' in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence. It won't MATTER that Gays died, cuz muzzie trumps gays I. The pecking order, currently….

  3. Oh, there is a reason nobody had weapons to fight back . . .

    In all those tight-fitting, I'm going clubbing, show my a$$ clothing, where would they hide a Glock?

    And that was a gender-neutral comment, was it not?

  4. I've especially bridled at all the talking head points of "biggest mass shooting in the U.S.".

    I guess the women and children slaughtered at Wounded Knee weren't available for comment.

  5. You should all locate the Pink Pistols chapter in your area, and spend a day at the range with them. Then maybe you'd all stop sounding like mouth-breathing homophobes.


  6. The simple fact is the "west" is facing something that it thought was dead and buried. A religious war, our secular "religion" and beliefs that if someone wants to be Gay or Carry a Gun or have free speech and air views that we may not agree with are up against a Religion that in essence controls every part of a followers life.
    The last simmering relics of Europe's great split between Protestants and Catholics blew itself out in Northern Ireland 15 to 20yrs ago. The question is whether the "west" and that includes all of us, Gun Nuts, LGBT Community, First Nations believers etc are prepared to fight back not just physically but mentally against a Group of people who believe because we are Gay, or Christian or White or Black but do not believe in Islam we do not deserve to live. As in the 15th/16th/17th/18th/19th/20th Centuries as the Religious wars that drove the Huguenot from France, the droves of various Religious Groups to America, led to the English Civil War etc etc millions of quite innocent people will be caught up in civilizations convulsions.
    The question is can a post enlightened society take the steps to protect itself from the zealots and cause pain and misery to innocent people in the processes. Because otherwise the more aggressive ideology will win as is shown time again in History the loosing civilization will disappear and maybe our enlightened tolerant western values will disappear as just a flicker in the worlds long history of intolerance. I hope not but no major politician is standing up to fight back yet.

  7. Would agree, that in the UK we have tight gun control and it never stopped the IRA from blowing people up or 57 people dyeing on 7/7.
    Terrorists will find a way, so it is not a Gun lobby against everybody else situation, as I have said before I may not agree with your view/lifestyle but as long as it does not harm anyone I'll fight for your right to do it. Be it being Gay or a Gun Carrying member of the NRA or liking floating pink bunny rabbits and pretty much everybody in that club had the same view.
    So it is an attack on every-bodies freedom that happened in Orlando, who know who's next the Bell Ringers Association ? The fact is I really do not know the answer to how a civilization/community responds to a relatively view members of it in the widest sense (ie they are US Citizens and human beings) who by definition despise the very tolerance that allows them to practice their beliefs, without hurting, deporting many millions of innocent bystanders who happen to believe in a similar religion.
    Because however good your Police Force or Military are you can not stop people thinking in a certain way in their own head, and you can not know which person is thinking in such a manor.
    In the past it would be full on assault against people of a similar religious belief, can or would that be allowed in today's more tolerant society ? Probably not, so what other option is there other than standing up to and arguing with the views of those who express this type of bile to effectively win the argument whilst suffering casualties ? Open to suggestions as are most of the Western World I would think.

  8. Mrs. Clinton and Obama were quick to blame US.
    Trump blamed THEM.
    Guess which way I'll be voting come November.

    – Charlie

  9. The current administration does not want to admit that islam is the problem.

    Immediately after 9-11, an American born moslem who talked about killing and jihad at work as much as this loon had would have been fired, and the police would have marched him out the door and at least questioned him.

    During this administration, management was afraid to act on his co-workers complaints. One coworker got a job elsewhere to avoid this loon. And as usual, Obama is blaming guns.

  10. Currently, Florida law forbids concealed carry in any establishment that makes more than half its revenue from alcohol sales. ie, no carry in bars.
    Gun activist groups are diligently working to change such laws to focus on consumption of alcohol while armed. You may carry in a restaurant or bar just so long as you are not yourself drinking. We have designated drivers, we need designated defenders.
    What will stop future attacks such as the Pulse shooting is to allow and encourage the presence of several armed persons in any venue that might be a target. Whether those are patrons or security is immaterial. In every documented case armed resistance stops mass shooters in their tracks. Armed force causes them to be killed, surrender, or take their own lives.

  11. nonnymouse@ 10:22,

    " In the past it would be full on assault against people of a similar religious belief, can or would that be allowed in today's more tolerant society ? Probably not, so what other option is there other than standing up to and arguing with the views of those who express this type of bile to effectively win the argument whilst suffering casualties ? "

    WHAT argument?

    That presupposes there is some sort of conversation ongoing between them and us. This is the mistake being made by most people in the Western/non-Islam Countries. There is no dialog. There is a demand on their part that we submit or die. I'm fine with killing as many as possible until the remainder of them decide that maybe they are doing it wrong. Unfortunately, this is the only response THEY will pay attention to. History clearly shows this to be their reality. Until there is a border around any and all Islamic countries, that THEY no longer dare cross, this sort of activity will continue. The only question we should be asking is whether to approach this country by country, or by groups. They don't seem to have a problem with dying for their politico-ideology/religion, so lets oblige them by facilitating it. Why should we value them any more than they value us? Doing it our current way is completely idiotic, AND WILL NOT WORK.

    They are working on the assumption that we no longer have the mental toughness in our people to defend our civilization. And, that we can not regain it. So far, it appears to be correct, at least as far as our political class is concerned. Does Western Civilization deserve to survive, if it's not willing to defend itself? This is a fight to the death, because that is what THEY are willing to do. We must honor the threat, or cease to exist.

  12. "What motivated those Japanese pilots may never be known, but the attack on Pearl Harbor clearly shows it's time for a serious conversation about banning private aircraft in America."

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