1. Paul Bonhomme took me up in his personal two-seater plane for some stunt flying over the English countryside in 2000, ( he was a friend at the time but we lost contact over the years.) My greatest achievement was not losing my lunch.

  2. OldNFO, they may very well under normal circumstances but I suspect that they just might have 'retracted' a wee bit for that particular maneuver…………….;-)

  3. This is beautiful. Personally, I get air/seasick, but I love looking at these videos. Thank you.

  4. The interesting part is, once you're in the hangar, you actually have to deal with a pressure wave coming off the walls and floors. The air can't get out of the way fast enough.

  5. Can't fool me. Lazy gits just didn't want to take their turn sweeping and dusting the hangar space.

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