This driver had better not buy any lottery tickets…


… because he just used up all his luck!  The original tweet is here.  Click any image below for a larger view.

That happened on I-5 in Washington state near Seattle.  Astonishingly, the driver was extracted with only minor injuries.  Looking at the remains of that Nissan Altima, I wouldn’t have believed it possible.

It’s been wild, wet and windy weather on the West Coast for the past few days (as noted in our report about Vancouver yesterday), which may have contributed to that accident.  It also blew over this eighteen-wheeler on a Washington bridge, which I’ve no doubt was a real brown-trouser moment for the driver!

I bet he could see all the way down to the bottom from the cab, which must have been a highly vertiginous moment, to put it mildly!  They must build good strong guardrails on those bridges…



  1. I had the chance to live on the West Coast after school. Nope. I prefer living in a place that won't shake under my feet, isn't subject to periodic volcanic explosions from all the 'beautiful mountains' and not subject to hurricane-level winds on a reasonably normal day. No landslides. No periodic mega-forest fires.

    Oh, sure, Florida has mosquitoes, and killer humidity, and periodic hurricanes, but we've built the buildings to be resistant to all three. Now if we could just get rid of South New York City (Broward County) this place would be perfect to live in.

    1. Ugh. I lived too many years in Florida to want anything to do with it. Horrible climate majority of the year, hurricanes, sinkholes, incredibly buggy, flat. Dad did his best to get stationed at Whidbey Island for his last assignment, though Elmendorf AFB again would've been alright, too. Ended up with choice of D.C. or Adak, AK. That's no choice at all! Adak! The Left Coast has been ruined by the current inhabitants. We will retire to western Montana where there's scenery and four actual seasons. Unless newcomers ruin it, too, like the Left Coast has been ruined over the past decades (and, increasingly, Colorado, too).

    2. Besides Broward County, the People's Republic of Gainesville was an island of lunacy even when I lived there decades ago.

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