Troll of the year!

I almost fell out of my chair with laughter after reader Mike T. e-mailed me a link to the story of the ‘Troll Of The Year‘ at the blog Soylent Green. Apparently someone sent a bag of gold-painted rocks to a gold dealer, not just once, but three times, in the hope of eliciting a suitably funny response. He appears to have succeeded beyond his wildest dreams! Here’s an excerpt from the dealer’s reply.

Dear Mr. Haberny,

After sending back your zip lock bag of gold painted rocks that you considered “14 karat gold nuggets found on a soul searching pilgrimage in Tibet with a quadriplegic hooker you picked up in Singapore”, we find it is truly unfortunate that you can not understand the concept of “Do Not Contact Us Again”.

Read the rest at the link (click on the picture there to see it in a separate tab or window, then enlarge it to maximum size if necessary). Toooooo funny!



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