Here’s an older video, from 2007, that I hadn’t seen before.  It shows a Boeing 737-800 operated by an unnamed Chinese airline making a very, very late takeoff.

I think that wasn’t so much a late takeoff, as an attempt to harvest the grass at the end of the runway using the aircraft’s wheels!



  1. I never flew the 737 (flew the a320). The flaps are set but I don't know what settings are usual for them. If I am going to venture a guess, they did a downwind takeoff. I looked for a wind sock and thought I saw one at the 12 second mark but I couldn't be sure. Thought maybe it was a high, hot airfield with a very high density altitude, but that looks like it might be the ocean on the right. What ever it is, it reinforces the idea that flying in China is a risk for passengers.

  2. Or it could have been an "Air Florida" type takeoff, where they didn't have the right power settings for takeoff. In any case, I guarantee the cockpit seats had teethmarks on them.


  3. I'm not aware of any such thing as ani circa dentata, but I don't know much about the gay milieu. Sphincter suction marks like an octopus would leave, yes. But, teeth? No, that's an old queen's tale…

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