1. What is mortifying to a patient is usually "eh" to the medical staff who generally have seen far worse. At least the magnet-fart didn't need to be scrubbed out (I hope). We once had a research animal (about 80 lbs of pig with a coronary blockage) die of ventricular fibrillation in the MRI. Despite the waterproof sheets and copious absorbant padding for the event of just such an emergency (/Foghorn Leghorn voice), when the pig's bladder let go some urine dribbled into the magnet itself. Despite the heroic tech (an MD and former department Chair in his home country, to boot) who volunteered to crawl into the 60-cm diameter magnet bore with rags, cleaner and ultimately diluted bleach, that magnet stank of pig piss for days. I know because I went into the magnet as a volunteer subject the following day. Good times.

  2. I've passed methane in an MRI before and had no such problem. I went into one back in the old days when what takes 20 minutes now took an hour and a half.

    As an aside, if the people operating the MRI will use a fan to move air through the tube, it helps cut down on claustrophobia.

  3. "If I ever need another MRI, I'll request a facility in Texas. Everyone farts there."

    Yes, but we fart on California so it's okay.

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