‘War To The Knife’ is now available in hardcopy

My latest novel, ‘War To The Knife‘, is now out in dead tree format as well as e-book.  Click on the link above or its cover image in the sidebar to go to its Amazon.com page, where you’ll find links to both editions.

Miss D. and I will be working over the next month or so to expand my distribution channels.  We’re going to make my books available in EPUB format at Barnes & Noble, and probably on Kobo, the Apple Store and Google Play Store as well.  If anyone has other suggestions as to where they’d like to be able to buy it, and in what format, please leave a note for us in Comments and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks to everyone who’s bought the new book so far.  I’d be grateful if those of you with blogs and/or social media pages would please inform your friends and readers that it’s out there – I depend utterly on word of mouth to inform people about my books, and I can’t do it without your help.



  1. Weirdly enough I couldn't find this book on Goodreads. I added it in, hope that's okay. Take care.

  2. Bought one. Should be reading it soon. I forget how I found the first one on your novels….maybe instapundit when Sara was doing a guest edit?

  3. Darrell – that's more than okay – thank you for doing that!

    I have a not-so-little list of everything I need to do when Peter launches a book, and I'd forgotten to put that in there. I'll make sure you don't have to go to the trouble next time. I really appreciate the help!

  4. OWW – No problem, I use goodreads to setup my future reading list. Both the paperback and kindle version are added to the author list for now. So just will need to add the new editions as they come out. One thing I like about them is that if a book is entered before it's published when the publish month rolls around the book is included in a summary e-mail of new books by authors you've read. 🙂 Reading it now, so far definitely enjoying it. (sorry for the wall of text)

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